Cherokees of Northern Central Valley (CNCV)


Osiyo Nigadv!

The Cherokees of Northern Central Valley is one of several California satellite communities incorporated under the Cherokee Nation. About twenty-three other communities have been established in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Florida and in mid-2012, Oregon was added to the list. The intent of the Cherokee Nation is that these communities become a network of embassies through which the Cherokee Nation and its citizens can be in better communication and interaction.
   CNCV encourages Cherokee citizens to become involved in building our community, and welcomes the fellowship of non-citizens of Cherokee descent and non-Cherokee.

 Mission & Purpose

   The Cherokees of Northern Central Valley (CNCV) is a community of Cherokees dedicated to Cherokee history, culture, heritage, tradition, and fellowship. We are a non-political, non-profit Native American organization whose members reside outside the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation and Bands. We have come together on the basis of our shared history and heritage, and out of an interest in the continuation of, and a love for, the Cherokee People and Nation.
   It is critically important that we find innovative ways to retain Cherokee people in stronger ties of culture and responsible citizenship. We believe the concept of new communities is a way to achieve this goal.