CNCV Council

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CNCV Council Members 2011 - 2015 - Sari Clark, Mike Webb, Shirley Rowland, Bruce West, Jennifer Trantham and Youth Representative, Amanda Glazer. 

Spokesperson – Bruce West
The Spokesperson shall organize the agenda, coordinate, and conduct Council and general meetings, and shall act as the representative spokesperson for the organization to the public and the Cherokee Nation as directed by the Council.
Alternate Spokesperson – Jennifer West-Trantham
The Alternate Spokesperson shall facilitate meetings or keep records in the absence of the regular Spokesperson, and who shall act as the Representative Spokesperson for the Organization to the public and the Cherokee Nation as directed by the Council.
Secretary – Sari Clark
The Secretary shall take attendance and keep minutes at Council and General Meetings, and who shall maintain all other records except as herein provided.
Alternate Secretary – Membership Coordinator – Lena Blankenship
The Membership Coordinator shall keep updated Membership Rolls, compile a continual undated Membership Directory for distribution to the Council, provide notification of pending renewal dates to members.
Treasurer – Mike Webb
The Treasurer shall keep all financial accounts, and shall make all financial reports to the Council and/or General Membership when meetings are held, and who shall convey information concerning the dues of New and Renewed Memberships to the Secretary.
Media Relations – Franc Blackbird
Events Coordinator – Shirley Roland  
Youth Representative - Amanda Glazer  Designated as the Youth Representative, bringing ideas and concerns to the Council about the youth of CNCV.